About Adam

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach,
and Body Work Specialist

Adam’s Story

Why did I become a Personal Trainer?

I was a cheerleader in college, but only during the football season.  My academic major required me to skip competitions and after I graduated, I felt I had missed out on something I should have experienced.  Over the next few years, I began to think that my most athletic years were behind me and I didn’t have a lot to look forward to.  But then I discovered a squad of all-adult cheerleaders being created and decided to join. Within a few short, fast and intense months, I realized I still had a lot of fire left in me and that I could actually become athletic again after all.

What motivates me?

Since then, my passion for athleticism and being active has surpassed all the limits I thought existed.  I joined a competitive squad with other athletes half my age, and we qualified to go to a World competition.  During my fight to become a better athlete and prove that I deserved that spot on that squad, I knew that there were other people out there who have activities they have loved doing.

How can I help you?

Whether it’s a sport or a physical hobby, somehow life gets in the way and our health altered to a point where we can feel we have lost the ability to physically do what we love.  I became a trainer to show you that IT’S NOT TOO LATE and you can get back that drive.

My Mission & Vision

4 Words: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. 

No advances, no success, no changes EVER came from keeping things easy, doing the minimum, or without hard work.  I will test you and push you to always be better than you were the day before. 

Many things have led my clients to where they were when they first contacted me.  In order to become who they want to be, they have to make some changes, and we all know that change is hard. 

I work hard to keep my clients consistent on their paths, and hold them accountable to the work expected of them.

What I Do

Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications do you have?

I constantly seek further education opportunities for myself to give more value to my clients.  As of July 2020, I have the following certifications:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

MMA Conditioning Specialist

Weight Loss Specialist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Nutrition Specialist

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

American Red Cross CPR Certification

Certified Massage Therapist in Commonwealth of Virginia

Are you currently offering massages?

Due to the still unsure environment we live in due to COVID-19, I am suspending my massage and bodywork services temporarily.  Upon evident improvement to the situation, in addition to the release of a vaccine, I will return to offering these services, provided that safety parameters are still being followed for both me and all clients.

What are the 1:1 coaching programs like?

When working with a client 1:1 every aspect is fully customized.  I want to make sure we have a clear understanding of the goals and ideal outcomes, and from there we will build the right program to fit your needs.  Because of the customization, it’s best we schedule a free consultation call to uncover your goals and discuss your options.

How do I access online classes?

All my online group and 1:1 classes are taught over Zoom.  With secure connection and privacy, we can work together just like we would in-person, only from anywhere in the world, from the safety of your home.

What level are the group fitness classes?

All of my classes are structured so that anyone of any level can participate.  Modifications and options are always demonstrated, as your safety and confidence in my biggest concern.  Feel free to notify me with any special requests or limitations and I’ll gladly offer suggestions to fit your needs.

What if I can't fit a live class into my schedule?

No worries.  It’s nearly impossible to teach live classes where everyone can be available.  So I also have some on-demand class options that allow you to take pre-recorded classes right from your home, on your time, at your pace.  Send me a message and we can get you started!

“I just didn’t feel like I could ever get my life back and now I truly feel like the best years in my life are still yet to come.”


"Adam is fantastic. He’s easy to speak with, he’s there to support, he makes you feel confident in yourself.”


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