About Adam

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach,
and Body Work Specialist

Adam’s Story

How has physical fitness been in my life?

I was a dancer in high school and a cheerleader in college.  However, I wasn’t the strongest at the sport.  I felt weak and small compared to the other guys on the squad and it got me down on myself.  Eventually, my self-doubt and my academics made me drop it.  After that, I wasn’t very athletic for quite some time.  Years later, I began working a job in a large fitness facility and had access to so many options for exercise.  That same year, I discovered a squad of all-adult cheerleaders and decided to join.  Knowing I would need to give more effort this time around, I went into lifting weights and intense cardio to be the best and strongest cheerleader I could ever be.  Within a few short, fast, and intense months, I realized I had a lot of fire left in me and decided to keep pursuing how far I could go in my training for cheer as well as overall strength and physique.  I have since been blessed to be on a cheer squad that went to Worlds and haven’t slowed down my pursuit for skill development and strength.

Why did I become a Personal Trainer?

The job I mentioned above in the fitness facility was as a massage therapist. After a few years of helping my clients experience relaxation and aiding them in their recovery, I wanted to do more for them and understand how to better serve them. I started researching personal training literature and fell in love with it. While working at the facility taught me many things about being a trainer, it never felt like the best fit for me. Then Covid came along, and I realized that the best way for me to keep helping people was online. With the help of a great friend and mentor, I started working online and didn’t look back.


What do I love most about being a Fitness Professional?

I love that my job is all about working with people in a deep and meaningful way. Through all my studies and applications, I get to help people change their lives for the better, feel stronger, and become more self-empowered. I get to help my clients take control of their circumstances and prove to themselves and their naysayers that they are capable of amazing action, and they can have the body they want. Every day, I’m presented with another opportunity to make the world a better place and make someone in the world more inspired. I’m always grateful for those opportunities, as well as giving people what they need to love their days. 

What motivates me personally?

My biggest motivation comes from people like my cheer coach who is still pulling amazing cheer stunts to this day. I see people like him or certain fitness enthusiasts on social media doing what they do and it fills me with a drive to be more athletic. I also receive motivation from my personal handstand coach who constantly reminds me how strong I am and how I can put it to good use for the skills I’m building. Finally, I’m motivated by the clock. I know I won’t be on this earth forever. However, if I have the time, energy, and the strength to pursue being the type of person I want to be, then I will use my will power with all the time I have to be the best I can be. 

How can I help you?

Whether its to feel like you can keep up with the kids, go out for an athletic event, get strong enough to move furniture easier, or to love your reflection, I will lead the way for you to achieve that. I never give my clients any BS or “bro-science.” I have earned several certifications across multiple areas of fitness and health to give my clients the best workout programs, nutrition coaching and recovery ideas for their individual needs. But I will warn you, right here and now, that you MUST BE WILLING TO COMMIT to change. I can meet you halfway and give you simple steps to begin becoming who you want to be, however, success will only come if YOU do the work consistently. If problems arise, you and I work as a team to address the problem and apply the best solution. As partners, you and I will change your body and your life.

My Mission & Vision

4 Words: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. 

No advances, no success, no changes EVER came from keeping things easy, doing the minimum, or without hard work.  I will test you and push you to always be better than you were the day before. 

Many things have led my clients to where they were when they first contacted me.  In order to become who they want to be, they have to make some changes, and we all know that change is hard. 

I work hard to keep my clients consistent on their paths, and hold them accountable to the work expected of them.

What I Do

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 1:1 coaching programs like?

When working with a client 1:1, every aspect is fully customized to fit each client’s individual needs in nutrition and workouts.  From the beginning, I want the client and myself to have a mutual understanding of the goals and ideal outcomes.  From there, we build the right nutrition and training program to fit your needs, with the most enjoyable process to make the upcoming changes manageable for you.  Because of the customization, it’s best we schedule a free consultation call to uncover your goals and discuss your options.


After a free consultation call to uncover your goals and discuss your options, every aspect of a coaching program is fully customized to fit your individual needs in nutrition and workouts.  From the beginning, you and I must have a mutual understanding of the goals and ideal outcomes of your program.  Then, from week to week, we together track your progress, keep what has been working well for you, and address any obstacles that arise from week to week.  With consistency on your part, and constant communication with me, we work in tandem to get you the best results possible by the end of your program.

Are you currently offering massages?

Yes, I have returned to offering mobile massages to local clients in the Northern Virginia and DC areas.  I have a dedicated space where I can offer massages, or I can travel with a portable table to a client’s home.  Bear in mind, I will require parking availability if I travel to a client’s home.

How do I access online classes?

All my online group and 1:1 classes are taught over Zoom.  With secure connection and privacy, we can work together just like we would in-person, only from anywhere in the world, from the safety of your home.  For a full video instruction on signing up, accessing the class list, and getting logged into my classes, watch my short video HERE!

What certifications do you have?

I have several training certifications under NASM and ISSA, including Weight Loss, Behavioral Change, Strength and Conditioning, and Nutrition to name a few.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and my massage specialties are Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial.  I always strive to keep my American Red Cross CPR certification as well as my USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach certification up-to-date at all times.

What level are the group fitness classes?

All of my classes are structured so that anyone of any level can participate.  Modifications and options are always demonstrated, as your safety and confidence in my biggest concern.  Feel free to notify me with any special requests or limitations and I’ll gladly offer suggestions to fit your needs.

What if I can't fit a live class into my schedule?

No worries.  It’s nearly impossible to teach live classes where everyone can be available.  So I also have some on-demand class options that allow you to take pre-recorded classes right from your home, on your time, at your pace.  Send me a message and we can get you started!

“Adam’s passion showed me he is someone who enjoys what he does and understand what he’s doing. He really listened, not to respond, but to understand my needs. It’s a completely different view of how training should be and I appreciate that. He’s someone who is truly invested in helping me get to my goals. "


“I finally feel good in my skin"


“I just didn’t feel like I could ever get my life back and now I truly feel like the best years in my life are still yet to come.”


"Adam is fantastic. He’s easy to speak with, he’s there to support, he makes you feel confident in yourself.”


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