Halloween Spooktacular Fit Camp!

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! A fantastic Fit Camp themed to my favorite holiday! 5 themed blocks, each fun in its own way, but together make an incredible workout! I had so much fun prepping this, I hope you enjoy!

Saturday Fit Camp 9-26-20

Welcome to my first Saturday Fit Camp as an Instructor! This is an incredible group and I’m highly honored to be part of their fitness journeys. The workout in this video is a full body workout broken into 4 blocks that will make you sweat and feel great once you’re done!

Even a walk will do you good.

30 minutes of exercise can do a lot better I help you get closer to your goals. Whether it’s something intense like a HIIT workout, or active recovery like yoga or a walk. Whatever activity you want it to be, make sure it gets you up and moving. Not only will it help you burn calories, it will make you feel good too. And with times as crazy as they are, we all need to do things that will make us feel better for the long term.

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